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Схема icom ic-f310

Скачать схема icom ic-f310 rtf

Icom IC HF transceiver control software. Icom CS - F3G. IC-M rev 1. Software for Ic-f310 series схема inside! Software for IC-F, password inside. Software for IC-M88 series password inside. Icom IC Переделка IC-Q7A на русском языке.

IC-M59 rev 1. Icom IC-F series service manual. Icom CS-F11 Rev 1. Software to program the Icom IC-R2 scanner. Icom ; Icom IC-M58 ver 3.

Icom reset.

NEVER place the transceiver where normal operation of the vehicle may be hindered or where it could cause bodily injury. AVOID placing the transceiver in excessively dusty environments!

If an incorrect connection is made after cutting, the transceiver might be damaged. USE supplied microphone only. This connection will ruin the transceiver.

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